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  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Pils

    BECK’S Pils

    Beer lovers all around the world recognise BECK’S Pils right away by its inimitable taste. BECK’S is a beer that suits you: confident, self-assured and cosmopolitan. BECK’S Pils inspires and accompanies you on your journey of discovery around the world!

    BECK’S Pils

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Unfiltered

    BECK’S Unfiltered

    Naturally cloudy pilsner with a smooth, refreshing taste. Inspired by the brewing process dating back to 1873, BECK’S Unfiltered is a BECK’S in its most original and natural form. The result is a naturally cloudy, gently sparkling pilsner with a balanced taste: smooth and refreshing. To distribute the beer’s natural cloudiness before drinking, simply turn the sealed bottle upside down briefly before opening.

    BECK’S Unfiltered

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Gold

    BECK’S Gold

    A unique taste experience in the unmistakable clear glass bottle. BECK’S Gold is a mild, genuine BECK’S with a fresh, less bitter taste. Modern. Golden. International. Experience the urban jungle lifestyle with BECK’S Gold – the trendsetter of BECK’S beers!

    BECK’S Gold

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Blue

    BECK’S Blue

    BECK’S Blue gives you the full BECK’S taste in an alcohol-free beer. No matter where your own path leads: take the new BECK’S Blue with its new recipe with you and always keep a clear head. Because the best moments come from an unclouded mind. Just like BECK’S Blue. Its refreshingly pure character is not an either/or. The alcohol-free beer, brewed according to the German Purity Law, lets you decide how to live your life at any time of the day or night.

    BECK’S Blue

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Lemon Brew

    BECK’S Lemon Brew

    The first lemon brew with naturally brewed lemonade. 50% BECK’S with 50% brewed lemonade and 100% natural taste: less sweet with fermented notes. Free from artificial additives and flavours: that’s BECK’S Lemon Brew.

    BECK’S Lemon Brew

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Ice

    BECK’S Ice

    Enjoy the refreshing, slightly fruity taste of crisp lime and mint in an extraordinary look. BECK’S Ice is the clear beer mix with only 2.5% alcohol and your personal party companion and night owl ... Ice up your life!

    BECK’S Ice

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Green Lemon

    BECK’S Green Lemon

    Enjoy the refreshing, crisp and limey taste of BECK’S Green Lemon, the beer mixed drink with only 2.5% alcohol. The crisp beer mix from the regular BECK’S range is slightly sweet, pleasantly hoppy and contains a dash of fresh lime.

    BECK’S Green Lemon

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Red Holunder

    BECK’S Red Holunder

    Go your own way – make your own mix: BECK’S Red Holunder was the first beer by fans for fans. Your BECK’S Red Holunder is now a permanent fixture in the BECK’S range. So you can enjoy the taste of summer all year round. Fresh BECK’S and fruity, flavourful elderberry make up this perfect summer mix. And with only 2.5% alcohol, Red Holunder is the perfect drink for hot days and balmy nights.

    BECK’S Red Holunder

  • Image of a 330ml bottle Beck's Green Lemon Zero

    BECK’S Green Lemon Zero

    BECK’S Green Lemon Zero is a crisp mix with the refreshing, fruity taste of lime – and no alcohol. No matter what you’re doing: follow your goals and refuel with an alcohol-free beer. Made from hops, malt and fresh ideas: BECK’S Green Lemon Zero is just the thing if you’re looking for fresh taste and want to have everything 100% under control. Quench your thirst for life with 0% alcohol.

    BECK’S Green Lemon Zero

  • Image of a 330ml bottle PerfectDraft®


    With the best-in-test PerfectDraft®, you can enjoy a cool, fresh BECK’S on tap at home in no time at all. This is how it tastes best.


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of innovation needed a celebration that matched our pioneering spirit.

That’s why from recipe to marketing, every decision in the making of this beer was made by A.I.

We didn’t make Autonomous, Autonomous made itself.

How Autonomous made itself?

A pioneering beer needed a pioneering approach.

We devised a system called “Compound prompting” in which every prompt we input into A.I. and the answer we got, informed the next prompt. This is how it happened.


Kick-off conversation: Where everything began. We sat with A.I.and had a good chat. We told it about our pioneering spirit, our ambition, and asked for ideas to celebrate our 150 anniversary.


Idea: After our deep, long chat, A.I. gave us the idea to make an anniversary beer entirely with A.I. We decided to go for it and stay true to the idea.


Recipe: What would this pioneering beer taste like? We asked it for a recipe and out of millions of potential combinations, it gave us a perfect blend of yeast, malts, water and hops and we got brewing.


Name: With the recipe brewing, we now needed a name. So we asked for one that would reflect our initial chat, our concept and the recipe. Enter Autonomous.


Manifesto: Using the concept, and name as a basis, we asked Autonomous to write a mission statement and have a point of view to inform the rest of its development.


Logo: We had a recipe, a name and a mission statement. We asked what a logo would look like? and we got one that considered all elements generated so far.


Tagline: Leveraging on all previous steps, we asked Autonomous to write its own tagline. It came back, quite fittingly, with “The beer that made itself”.


Can design: We asked Autonomous to design a can that would bring to life our concept considering our initial chat, recipe, name and logo. Autonomous was now ready.


Website Design: Autonomous was ready to launch, so we asked it to create its own website considering all the information it had already generated.

That will be later incorpored in our AD Campaign


AD Campaign: We asked Autonomous to sell itself. It considered its audience and gave us posters, billboards and social media ads to run, and we did.


Radio: Autonomous looked and tasted good, but how does it sound? We asked it how best to talk about itself on the radio. And not only wrote, but even voiced its own radio ad.


Film: Autonomous came up with a full advertising video script telling its own story, crafted to the last detail with A.I. to bring it to life.


Influencers: Autonomous created its own marketing strategy which included influencers,and even suggested lines for the influencers to use.


Now Autonomous is here. One of the first A.I. creations to truly crossover from code, to screen and into the real world, where people can feel it, smell it and taste it. Beck’s Autonomous is A.I. brought to life.

The History of BECK’S


  • 1873


    Kaiser-Brauerei Beck & May o.H.G. was founded by master brewer Lüder Rutenberg from Bremen, master brewer Heinrich Beck and merchant F. G. Thomas May on 27 June.

    Picture of an old postcard, which shows the brewery>

  • 1874


    From the very beginning, the Kaiserbrauerei, or “Imperial Brewery”, bottled its beer in green long-neck bottles. This set the Kaiserbier apart from other beers, which were only sold in brown bottles. At the international agricultural fair in Bremen, the company was awarded a gold medal by the later Emperor Friedrich III. This still adorns the label today.

    Close-up of a Beck's bottle with graduation date

  • 1875


    The master brewer and partner of the Bremen-based Kaiserbrauerei founded in 1873, Heinrich Beck, created a smooth pilsner beer that retained its fresh taste even when transported over long distances. The beer was already shipped to the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, in its first year.

    Two old Beck's bottles>

  • 1876


    At the World’s Fair in Philadelphia, Kaiserbier beat competitors from Holland, Denmark and Ireland to the title of best European beer. The BECK’S label still features a reminder of this today.

    BECK'S Etiket from 1876

  • 1886


    The Kaiserbrauerei exclusively supplied all the ships of Norddeutscher Lloyd. These carried the name of the beer all around the world. It was soon in demand in port cities across the globe.

    Old photo of a ship with many men

  • 1888


    A Linde ice machine meant that the brewery was no longer dependent on natural ice supplies. Brewing could now continue even in particularly hot summers.

    Old photo, that shows a part of the brauerei

  • 1921


    The company signed a contract with C. H. Haake AG. At the same time, Kaiserbrauerei renamed itself Exportbrauerei Beck & Co. From now on, they only produced beer for export. The Beck & Co. lettering took centre stage on the label.

    BECK'S Etiket from 1921

  • 1928


    Beck & Co. developed steel barrels to replace the pitch-lined wooden barrels. This meant that owners of beverage establishments received draught beer of the freshest quality and pure pilsner taste.

    Old machine to fill barrels

  • 1931


    Breweries in Batavia and Singapore started production under licence: Beck & Co. moved even closer to the traditionally important markets in the Far East. Corporate investments – for example in Colombia – also contributed to international growth.

    Poster with two BECK's bottles

  • 1948


    Having come to a complete standstill during the Second World War, production restarted hesitantly when the war was over. In Bremen, the first boxes were delivered to Thailand as early as 1948. In 1949, BECK’S was sold in its home market for the first time to reduce exposure to the uncertainties of international markets.

    A man with two wooden boxes with the name 'BECK’S

  • 1953


    Following the trend from the USA, BECK’S offered its pilsner in cans for the first time.

    A can BECK'S

  • 1955


    The first nationwide advertisements were placed in the news magazine “Der Spiegel”. The new slogan was: “BECK’S Bier löscht Männerdurst” (BECK’S Beer Quenches Men’s Thirst).

    BECK's poster from 1955

  • 1968


    The six-pack with 0.33 l bottles was launched as a compact alternative to the large crate.

    BECK's 6-pack from 1968

  • 1984


    One of the most successful advertising campaigns was launched. To this day, the sailing boat “Alexander von Humboldt” and the song “Sail Away” are part of the BECK’S identity.

    A ship on a high seas

  • 1993


    Thanks to the innovative combination of a special mixing process and gentle vacuum distillation, the fresh pilsner taste also came through without alcohol. German retailers rated BECK’S Alkoholfrei the most successful new launch of the year.

    A BECK'S bottle from 1993

  • 2002


    The new BECK’S Gold quickly gained popularity with its mild taste. BECK’S Gold was the most successful new product launch in the history of the German beer market and established the first clear glass bottle for beer with UV protection.

    A bottle BECK'S Gold on a beach

  • 2005


    A new market was discovered for beer mixed drinks, which are loved by consumers. BECK’S Green Lemon offered a deliciously crisp, refreshing, limey taste with just 2.5% alcohol.

    A bottle BECK'S green Lemon on a beach

  • 2008


    BECK’S Ice created a completely new taste experience and an extraordinary transparent look. The new beer mixed drink with the fruity, refreshing taste of lime and mint was produced using an innovative filtration technique. This process filters out the beer colouring while retaining the typical BECK’S taste.

    A bottle BECK'S Ice on a beach

  • 2012


    The new campaign “Folge Deinem Inneren Kompass” (Follow Your Inner Compass) encouraged independent thinking. Highlights include the unique BECK’S Art Labels 2012: five musicians let their creativity run wild and designed their own labels.

    Five different BECK'S bottles

  • 2017


    BECK’S kicked off a legendary summer in 2017 with the new “Legendary” campaign: lead the way, take life in your hands and show the world what you’re made of. You are what make it legendary.

    A BECK'S banner from 2017

  • 2018


    In 2018, BECK’S dispensed with its best-known brand feature: the bottle label. Under the motto “Mach’s zu deinem BECK’S” (Make it Your BECK’S), the whole of Germany was called upon to get creative and create new, individual labels with their own designs, texts and pictures. The result was more than 27,000 creative ideas from which 40 winners were chosen.

    A BECK'S banner from 2018

  • 2019


    The first “Naturradler” (natural shandy) with naturally brewed lemonade. 50% BECK’S with 50% brewed lemonade and 100% natural taste: less sweet with fermented notes. With BECK’S Lemon Brew, BECK’S fundamentally redefined the natural shandy segment!

    A BECK'S Lemon Brew banner from 2019

  • 2021


    Another new launch followed in February 2021: BECK’S Unfiltered. Inspired by the original brewing process dating back to 1873, BECK’S Unfiltered is a BECK’S in its most original and natural form. The result is a naturally cloudy pilsner with a smooth, refreshing taste.

    A BECK'S Unfiltered banner from 2021

Beck‘s - Einfach legendär
Beck‘s - Einfach legendär
Beck‘s - Einfach legendär

Our Brewery Tours

Discover the art of brewing and explore the exciting history of our local brands BECK’S and Haake-Beck! Our varied tour will take you through our museum, the raw materials room and the brewhouse, past malt silos, fermentation tanks and storage tanks, to our laboratory. Afterwards visitors get the chance to join a beer tasting in the guest room. We serve three different beers from our product range. Soft drinks are of course available as well.

  • Duration: 3 hours
    Language: German, English
    Minimum age: 16. This also applies to children accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    You must wear sturdy shoes to take part in the brewery tour. Flip-flops, which are popular in summer, are not allowed.

    We reserve the right to make changes.

    We are looking forward to your registration (required)!

    Register now

    Brewery tours will go ahead if at least 20 people are registered.

  • Duration: 3 hours
    Language: German, English
    Minimum age: 16. This also applies to children accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    You must wear sturdy shoes to take part in the brewery tour. Flip-flops, which are popular in summer, are not allowed.

    Brewery tours will go ahead if at least 20 people are registered.

    We reserve the right to make changes.

    We are looking forward to your registration (required)!

    Register now

  • Alcohol restriction

    For safety reasons, alcohol is not permitted on the brewery property. This also applies to the brewery tours. Don't drink and drive! Clarified, who's driving?


    The visitor centre is located at the following address:
    Am Deich 18/19, 28199 Bremen


    All our bookings have to be made via the booking programme of the Bremer Touristik-Zentrale.
    In case of any question, please call:
    +49 421 – 30 800 10
    +49 421 – 5094 5555

    Exclusive brewery tours

    The tour will take place in a group size of approx. 30 people per tour.

    Photography/ Filming

    Photography and filming is not permitted on the brewery property. You are welcome to film and take photos in the guest room. If you want to take pictures of people who are not your friends or relatives (e.g. our staff), please ask for permission beforehand.

    Group size

    A maximum of 60 people can attend the open brewery tours each time. The groups will be divided into two groups of 30 people each before the tour.


    Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the tour.

    Minimum age

    The minimum age required to participate the brewery tour is 16 years. This also applies to children being accompanied by a parent or guardian.


    From Mondays to Fridays until 4 p.m., the parking spaces in the street Am Deich are usually occupied. Near the brewery parking spaces are not available. The parking garages "Am Wandrahm" & "Am Brill" are located about 10 minutes' walk from the Visitor Centre.


    Visitors in wheelchairs are warmly welcome. With the exception of the raw materials room and the brewhouse, all stations on the brewery tour are accessible. A maximum of two wheelchair users are allowed per brewery tour. Please provide the relevant information upon booking.


    Glasses, serving trays and more can be purchased at the visitor center.


    Participation in the brewery tour is only permitted with appropriate footwear.

    Drinks & beverages

    Gastronomy is not included in the visitor center concept. We only offer is a beer tasting as part of the tour.


    You have the option of booking a tour in German or English. In addition to German and English, our movies are also available in Russian, Spanish, Chinese and French and can be shown as part of an Exclusive Brewery Tour.


    Smoking is prohibited on the brewery premises and in the visitor center. Smoking is only allowed on the terrace outside the guest room.

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    Brauerei Beck & Co

    BECK’S and Haake-Beck Visitor Centre
    Am Deich 18/19
    28199 Bremen

    Telephone no. Visitor Centre:
    0421 50 94 – 5555

    Do you have any questions that are not about the Visitor Centre?
    Telephone no. 0421 50 94 – 0

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